Priorities Identified Through Community Planning Workshops Include:

  1. Need a youth center providing after school activities and tutoring – recreational facility for youth and families that emphasizes health and wellness, learning, and community (swimming, organized sports, enrichment activities
  2. Need a senior center where seniors can congregate and socialize - Aging friendly environment (sidewalks, traffic calming strategies
  3. Repair homes in disrepair – Homeowner Rehab for low income homeowners without means
  4. Increase homeownership/eliminate vacant homes – Acquisition-rehab and marketing the community
  5. Clean up the neighborhood – remove junk from alleyways and yards, improve curb appeal of home exteriors.
  6. Address crime and safety Issues – Community watch, youth curfews, lighting, education on how to make homes safe.
  7. A healthy community – Address unhealthy conditions in housing, community gardens, food co-op, a recreation center (YMCA), nutrition and healthy cooking classes, bike paths and sidewalks, cooperative preventative health programs with the Hospital.
  8. Community Activities that increase interaction of neighbors – Fairs, block parties, music in the park, adult classes, interactive community activities,
  9. Affordable mixed income rental housing – replace public housing with high quality mixed income housing; possibly mixed-use integrating needed community facilities.
  10. High Quality Community Education – Increase graduation rates; intergenerational education, provide access to school building for after school programs, recreation, and community adult education classes, Internet access.